Quality Policy Statement


Vambeco Enterprises is a leading construction company committed to providing the best construction service to all its customers at all times through timely execution of contracts to the agreed levels of quality and cost. It is the policy of Vambeco to ensure customer satisfaction as regards quality, integrity, efficiency and value through commitment to the statutory and regulatory requirements of the country with in which we carry out our activities.

This policy shall be supported and evidenced by a fully documented Quality Management System based on compliance to the requirements of the International Standard for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008.

Commitment to this policy extends from Top Management to all members of staff, all stakeholders.  It shall be reviewed, updated through internal and external audits to ensure compliance to the specified requirements. Formal and measurable quality objectives shall be established and shall regularly reviewed.

The Quality policy is and shall continue to be communicated to all employees, suppliers and clients of Vambeco Enterprises Limited to ensure continuous commitment to the Quality Management System.


Management of Vambeco is committed to promoting environmental protection throughout our activities by:-

  1. Ensuring that we fulfill all applicable compliance obligations and other requirements.
  2. Establishing environmental objectives towards prevention of pollution and other potential environmental impacts associated with our operations.
  3. Training all our staff and promoting awareness on significant environmental aspects, impacts and the program to control them
  4. Communicating our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers and other interested parties, whenever possible.
  5. Continually improving on the performance of our environmental management system through reviews, monitoring, measurement and evaluation.


  1. We are committed in all our activities to the prevention of injuries, ill health and welfare of all employees.
  2. We are committed to achieve an accident free work place, by complying with all relevant health and safety acts, Regulations, code of practice and the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards.
  3. We ensure health and safety is considered in all planning for all work activities.
  4. There should be Involvement of all employees and interested parties in the health and safety decision making processes, through regular communication, consultation and trainings.
  5. We Identify and control all potential hazards in work place through hazard identification and risk analysis or risk assessment.
  6. This policy and accompanying objectives shall be communicated to all Vambeco employees and reviewed regularly to ensure its continuing suitability.